Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life

As a brand new college graduate I was excited about a book giving me wisdom on starting a professional life. Just from the title and cover I was not anticipating a book of quotes and was a little disappointed by this. I really enjoyed the introduction (the only part of the book that is not quotes) and found myself hoping that this narrator would return and help guide me, maybe explain how some of these quotes have applied in other’s lives.

That being said, this book is filled with great quotes that I did find very inspiring and motivating It is also very convenient to have a collection of quotes based on professional life that I can flip to when looking for a quick boost of inspiration. The organization of the quotes could be improved on, having a table of contents and sorting the quotes into different categories (leadership, dedication, hardwork, etc) would make for easier reference when looking for a particular quote. I also would like to see an Index at the end of the book to locate quotes from particular people.

Thanks to BookSneeze, I received this book for free which is a huge plus because I do not think I would be willing to pay the suggested retail of 16.99 for a collection of quotes that could be found online with some research.




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