Apologies for so few updates, my home was struck by lightning and everything was fried. I am now happily back up and running. Anyways, on to the review!

I have rarely charged through a book (actually the entire trilogy) in such a short period of time as I did with R.A. Salvatore’s Homeland, the first book of the Drizzt saga. This book captured my imagination by crafting an entire new world. Salvatore delves into the inner most workings of the drow society and makes it believable. I wanted to know more about this horrid and evil world he has crafted and that kept me reading.
His characters are equally engaging, and I found the emotional conflicts some of the most interesting aspects of the entire book. Despite the fact that this book contains a lot of intense battle scenes, and graphic depictions of violence, the main conflict is an internal one.
On occasion Drizzt did flirt with becoming an all powerful character. He defeats every foe with only little difficulty, he masters everything very quickly and innately has a great sense of justice and honor. When compared with the rest of his race of drow he seems very God-like and at times I struggled getting past that and continuing to sympathize with his character.
After a few battle scenes I actually started skipping ahead to the end, not that the scenes were poorly written, all the battle scenes are beautifully detailed, but simply because I knew Drizzt would ultimately win.
Altogether, I really enjoyed the book and have read it over and over already. The entire series was wonderful (though this review mainly is focused on the first book of the series) and I highly recommend to anyone.

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