Writing away!

Met my goal for writing today, just barely. Man am I sleepy! Working a full time job and trying to write as much as possible is draining me. Anyways, I’m really excited about upcoming NaNoWriMo, I think I’ve finally settled on my basic plot so now I just need to work on characters and a more detailed outline. I like to at least have a set idea of major events that I want to happen so that gives me something to aim towards when I get stuck.

Another idea to keep writing is to not always worry about sticking to chronological order. When you are done with your novel (or short story or poem or whatever) no one is going to know that last paragraph was the first thing you wrote. Writing the ending first gives you something to lead up to, and can be great fun.
On another note, first drafts really feel like glorified outlines to me sometimes, so disjointed and awkward. Sometimes I totally doubt I can write and then I’ll read some polished work and think ‘oh yeah, that’s right. I can write, but nothing’s ever perfect the first time around.’
I’m really excited because this coming weekend I am going to the GA Literary Festival. This will be my first Literary festival and I’m really looking forward to getting to meet other writers and book enthusiasts.
Well that’s all for tonight, I need to get my things together for work tomorrow, whoosh and away!

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