Missing The Quota

Ugh! I’m bummed because I didn’t get in my writing time today. I had to run errands in town and from there time just disappeared. It’s amazing how one little thing can make such a difference. it doesn’t help that I am a Project Runway addict and it came on tonight and distracted me even further.

I did get some character sketching done earlier today. I’ve been working on my NaNoWriMo characters and now I have my main character and the beginning of his rival drafted out and forming. Creating characters is probably one of my favorite things to do when creating a new story. I love the variety of people that I get to ‘become’ when I’m writing.
As a base profile I’ve been using the Gotham’s Writer’s Workshop’s Character Profile sheet provided online here. I think it’s a great beginning for a character though you need to also consider a lot more traits, like religion, history, Likes, Dislikes, etc. One great thing to do is to pretend to interview your character. Invite a conversation (you might feel a little crazy, but all writers are to some degree, right?) with your character, ask questions and wait for the answer. Don’t try to force your character into a mold give them a chance to speak for themselves.
Well, I’m off to pack and get ready for work and then the Georgia Literary Festival! I’m super excited and hoping to make all kinds of new writers and friends!

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