Working on revising my fairytale short story and it has totally shifted major plot points which I’m very happy about. The transformation of the characters from person to animal makes more sense now and is more fluid with the rest of the context. I’m hoping to have a draft of it ready for review by my small writing group tomorrow. I really want to have it done soon, hopefully by Friday.

I also have now worked out a full character sketch and basic plot skeleton of my NaNoWriMo novel and am very pleased with the direction it’s heading. It’s going to be an awesome ride!
I am also loving twitter more and more . Today I participated in a #litchat about horror and got some wonderful opinions about what horror is and why people read it. Horror is a genre that I love reading and writing so it was very informative and I highly suggest you check it out, search for the hashtag #litchat and you can pull up the whole thing. It will happen again on Friday at 4pm EST and lasts about an hour. It’s really fun!
Anyways, I’m off to get some last minute edits to the story then bed. I think I’m going to get up early to do some morning editing too.

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