GA Literary Fair Rundown!

So here is finally a rundown of the awesome people I met at the Ga Literary Fair this year. This is a list of mainly just the people I was able to talk to and get to know, not the only people there.

Nick Valentino, author of Thomas Riley:
So, oddly enough I follow him on facebook and had no idea he was going to the Ga Literary Fair until the night before when I saw a facbeook post saying he would be there. Needless to say I flipped. I’m a big fan, and supporter (bought both books, they come with really neat stamp signatures) and he really is just a super nice, super friendly guy. He was a blast to talk to and he had the coolest table set-up of anyone there. All kinds of steampunk gear all over.
Anyways, his novel is fantastic and his short story in this collection of Steam Punk work is also amazing! All in all, go buy and support. End of story.
Wright Gres, author of Macedonia Passage
Next was an author that I hadn’t met before this festival but after he offered me candy we became new friends. His passion for what is writing about is so inspiring, and he has a fascinating life story. His thriller, Macedonia Passage is inspired off of real trips he’s taken across the ocean. He had a series of amazing pictures that played while he talked and it’s incredible where he has been. He’s also incredibly humble and really a nice guy. I highly suggest his novel!
Raven Hart, author of the Savannah Vampires Series
Probably the most entertaining author that spoke. She was full of funny stories about her adventures with publishing, not to mention a red neck vampire just cracks me up. She’s down to earth and incredibly open to helping. She spent almost half of her hour long session answering questions about how she was published and giving advice. She’s a passionate vampire fan and her novels are just as entertaining as she is! If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into (hahah I’m so punny, aren’t I? Man I need sleep), then I highly recommend Raven Hart’s series.
Mason Dixon Publishing
Last is a wonderfully friendly, newly started publishing house. I love the name because the VP of the company lives in Ga and the President lives in Ohio, hence Mason-Dixon. I thought it was clever. They currently have just published a short novella and a collection of poetry but are excited about getting more material. Check their website out and learn more about them. They are both very passionate about writing and I look forward to seeing much more for Mason-Dixon!
And that’s all for tonight! I’m hoping to get some Nanowrimo outlining done and even get some reading knocked out.

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