Writing Space!

So Nanowrimo begins in just about an hour! Exciting! Though I do freely admit I will be in bed before Nanowrimo begins at midnight and will begin writing after work tomorrow. I already imagine it will be the longest workday possible because I will want nothing more than to be home writing.


I believe I have figured the great war that is happening in my world and that makes me very happy (ideas in the shower are the best!) and eager to begin writing. I have my little writing corner all set up and ready to go and am including a picture! How exciting!


Notice the awesome hot pink chair and pile of papers of notes. as well as a cup of juice (yum!) and a small change jar of Grad School funds! My little memo board is full of things that inspire me and I have a picture of my friends to the side to encourage me! All in all, a very nice little writing hole.

I have also worked out my reward system. You can’t really see them in the picture but I have shiny star stickers that I will out on my calendar for every day I meet the writing goal of 1667 words. I also will allow myself to have one Heritage Dr. Pepper for every 5,000 words I make. I love heritage Dr. Pepper (made with real sugar and in awesome cans too!) not to mention that they are very hard to find so that is big motivation for me.

Anyways, I am going to get ready for bed, do some reading and get ready for work. Happy November’s eve and let Nanowrimo begin.



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  1. Amie Kaufman Said:

    Ideas in the shower are the very best. I have always said, I always will.You have a gorgeous little writing nook, I love the board with all your pictures. Good luck!

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