Do you Tweet in Character?

One of the very first creative classes I ever took will always stay with me. Not because of any gem of wisdom I gleamed or great story I read or wrote, but because it’s where I first learned of this disconnect between the writer and the voice in a story. Not that they aren’t the same but that people anticipate a certain person to write a certain story. Our professor had everyone anonymously send him a writing piece we had done. I sent in a piece about a little girl who hated beautiful things and helped a serial killer kill other little girls.

The next day in class, the professor went around the room, guessing who we were based on our stories. Shockingly, he didn’t guess me based on my story. In fact, he thought I was joking when I confessed which was my story. He told me that he just could believe such a cute, sweet and nice girl like me would be doing writing something so grisly.

After that class I have always been very nervous about the fact that I don’t ‘look’ like I should be writing what I write. Someone the other day even was saying that Stephen King wouldn’t be quite so great or famous if he didn’t look just a little creepy. And a lot of it for more is about more than looks, but about personality and how you present yourself.

I am active on twitter and on other’s blogs. However, I have had several of these people confess they had no idea what I wrote because of how I behave online. I don’t carry my online presence in the same way that I write. (Does that make sense?) It’s been incredibly interesting to me and I have honestly considered creating a separate account to write in the voice that my writing takes. But that feels so fake and silly. I write from all sides of me, which isn’t to say I am a serial killer type of person, but that isn’t all that I am and I don’t think I should have to behave like that to get the point across that I write some horror style things.

There is a distinction between a writer and what they write, that I know. But, at least in the online world, how much of a distinction should there be? For example I’ll put ‘Oh goodness!’ on my online blog or twitter while in a story I would more likely put ‘Well fuck.’ (exaggeration)

Perhaps I am reading too far into this and just being silly but I can’t help but wonder.

What do you think?



  1. I think that if I were put in a similar classroom situation it wouldn’t be that hard to guess which story was mine. I remember a certain high school class in which we each had to write our own creation myth, and mine was the only one with epic duels between Gods and legions of monsters. Most other works resembled soap operas or orgies, or both. But in that case it was the genre that gave me away, not the style of writing.

    With regard to online presence I’ll probably need to give it some further thought. I’m a naturally cheerful person and I think my own blog posts reflect that (even if I’m kind of new at it), as do my updates on Twitter. However, the stories I write usually don’t reflect this cheerful nature, so you’re definitely on to something.

    • Judy Black Said:

      Thanks for the comment! Your blog is actually really interesting! I just checked it out.
      I recently had someone tell me that you need to write online in a similar style to what your stories are about but I’m like you. I’m a lot more cheerful and nice than my stories.

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