I just found a spectacular website called NewPages that lists all kinds of writing contests and I wanted to pass it along. (The following information is just copied from their website a few of the contests they have listed.) Please viit their website! They are fantastic and have all kinds of other helpful things like links to creative programs, blogs, submission calls, podcasts,etc)

The Fiddlehead

Annual Literary Contest

poetry, fiction

Entries must be original and unpublished elsewhere. No simultaneous submissions and no previously published (or accepted for publication) submissions. This includes no simultaneous submissions to any other contest. Vetting for the contest is blind. Do not put your name and address on your manuscript.

Prize: $2,010/500/cat

Deadline: Postmark December 1 (annual)

Fee: $30 (Canada), $36 (US/international) (includes one-year subscription)

Phoebe (one of my favorites to read!!)

Winter Fiction Contest

Contest entries should include one story, not to exceed 7,500 words. Novel excerpts and non-fiction will not knowingly be considered. All entries should include a cover letter with your name, address, the title of the story to be considered, and a brief biography. Your name and address should not appear anywhere on the story.

Prize: $1,000+pub

Judge: Caitlin Horrocks

Deadline: Postmark December 1 (annual)

Fee: $15

Literary Laundry (for the undergrads out there)

Awards of Distinction

Poetry, Fiction, One-Act Dramas

Each issue of Literary Laundry is accompanied by a writing competition. All pieces submitted to us for review will be entered into consideration for our Awards of Distinction.

Prizes: $500 for Poetry & Fiction, $250 for One-Acts + pub

Undergraduate Awards

Poetry, Fiction

In addition to considering undergraduate works for the Award of Distinction, we will also consider them for undergraduate awards.

Prize: $250/category + pub

Deadline: December 1, 2010

No Fee

That is just a very small sampling of the contest they have listed. I think that actually submitting your work is one of the most important (and one of the most challenging) things a writer can do. Submit, be rejected, and keep submitting! I kept my first rejection letter and have it framed. I was lucky that is was actually a very nice and personalized rejection letter but it was still a no.

Make a goal to submit one piece of work at least once a week (or month, whatever works with your life) but submit!! I highly recommend They list thousands of places to submit, they have a searchable database and help you keep track of what you’ve submitted to where.

So go out and submit something right now! What are you waiting for?



  1. Amie Kaufman Said:

    Under The Fiddlehead, where it says “Prize: $2,010/500/cat”, I swear for a moment I thought you could take your pick of the money or the cat. I’m pretty tired!

    Thanks for these, I’ll be passing them around!

  2. Draven Ames Said:

    Wow, thank you for all the really cool links. Now that my novel is complete, I’ll have more time for this sort of thing. Thank you.

  3. Judy Black Said:

    Oh man Amie! I’m not going to be look at the same. Hahahaha, I chose the cat for my prize!

    I wish you all the best with submitted Draven! Your stuff is amazing so I have no doubt you’ll excel!

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