Never too late to say Thanks!

So I had every intent of keeping up with a regular blog posting schedule despite the holiday but then I went to Florida where there is no internet apparently.  So I was without the lovely internet for the weekend. On the upside I did get a lot of writing done and decide to go forward with applying to MFA programs with a focus in poetry, yay! (anyone have any recommendations of schools?)

Anyways, I wanted to take a post to just send out a giant thank you to all kinds of people. First off:


Matt Bell

I read his chapbook, The Collectors, at the suggestion of my senior capstone advisor. Actually she just suggested CakeTrain Press and he happened to be the first book I stumbled upon. From the second I started reading I was hooked. This is where I turn when I’m feeling drained and lacking inspiration. He does things with words that I never thought were possible. In a sentence he has me understanding hundreds of things, and it is all done with the beauty and grace of a poet. I recommend his chapbook at the first #litchat I ever participated in and my little tweet somehow got back to him and I actually got to chat with him. Made me squeal like a little girl. Seriously, Matt Bell gave me the desire to keep writing.

Claudia Rankine

Caludia Rankine is another that was suggested to me by my advisor. Her book of poetry, Don’t Let me Be Lonely, changed my entire view of poetry. I have several lines from her book taped on the walls near where I do my writing.


Laura Newbern

My advisor senior year, teacher, poet, mentor, friend and amazing woman. She is the reason that I write, she is the reason I ever tried poetry and the reason I am sticking with writing. She has an amazing book of poems out that I highly recommend. I cannot say thank you enough!



The first person to jump up and volunteer to help me with a particularly troublesome story. He gave wonderful feedback and I was thrilled to help with his own poetry. Thanks!!


Draven has a wonderful blog where he posts all kinds of great advice and that is where I first started chatting with him (and on twitter). He recently was helping me with a short story but with deciding to go forward with an MFA in poetry I’m pausing my fiction work. His comments thus far have been incredible and I feel truly blessed to have found him in the sea of the internet.


One of the very first people I found on twitter and by far one of the best! Has bent over backwards to be helpful, kind and in general amazing. Offers all kinds of advice, always fun to chat with and so passionate about everything involved with writing that it makes me smile. Very thankful for everything!

There are hundreds of others but right now, these are the people I want to thank the most!

Who are you thankful for?


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