Upcoming Submission Deadlines

I have been keeping up with a ‘submit at least one thing a week to a magazine/contest/etc’ for the past month and it has really been a very unique learning experience. I have a running list of magazines/contests/etc that I think fit my writing style, and I am updating it constantly. I think that submitting your writing is an important step in the whole writing process. So I am going to list a few upcoming contests. Most of these are going to be for more of a ‘dark’ theme then anything since that is mostly what I write, though I’ll throw in some extras just for you. Cause I adore you.

Twisted Dreams: http://twisteddreamsmagazine.blogspot.com/

Deadline for Submissions: Jan, 1 2011

An awesome dark magazine that publishes some incredible work! read the guidelines carefully!

Be aware: Submitted file format must be .rtf

No Erotica

Fringe Magazine http://www.fringemagazine.org/blog/our-2011-theme-issue-maps/

Theme: Maps                                   Deadline:  Jan 5 2011

Political and Experimental magazine. They are really focused on the events of the world. Read submission guidelines carefully.

Be Aware: Put “Maps” in subject line

In the body of your email, include your name, a cover letter, the title(s) of the pieces and a press-ready bio.

Irish Story Playhouse http://irishstoryplayhouse.com/

Theme: Puppy Love; Faeries and Leprechauns                             Deadline: Dec. 25, 2010

Targeted towards 4-14 year olds.

Be Aware: Offers payment (minimal but still!)

Likes morals or lessons as part of the story.

Innsmouth Free Press http://www.innsmouthfreepress.com/?p=7050

Theme: Historical fiction with a Lovecraftian twist                        Deadline: Jan 5, 2011

This is a call for submissions for an e-anthology.

Be Aware: Offers payment (up to $50)

Reprints (previously published work) allowed!!!

And that’s it for now. Anyone have any other contests/deadlines coming up to share? Where you submitting your work? As for me, I have three poems awaiting response from Poetry Magazine and one short story waiting for response from Sniplets.


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