The Write Gift

So it is that time of year again, time to figure out presents for all those loved ones. I always struggle with figuring out what to get for people. I always try for useful, practical gifts or something very personal. So I thought, why not do a blog post about gifts for writers? (Hence the punny title) We are an odd bunch and somewhat challenging to buy for (though if you could buy some free time and give it to me that would be brillant. That or a certain waiter’s number….)

Anyways, on to the gift-giving goodness!


Okay, most writers are buried in their ‘to-read’ piles.

Most writers, however, are not making this face.

So tread carefully with this one but is there a particular book your writer has been talking about? A general craft of writing book such as On Writing by Stephen King can also be a great gift idea. A copy of the current Writer’s Market (in the appropriate genre) can also be great. If your writer is struggiling with, say writing a novel about the Black Plague in England, find a research book about that and wrap it up with a pretty, boil-filled bow. Lovely.

A Kitchen Timer

Yes, you read that right. This did not suddenly turn into a cooking blog. A kitchen timer is one of my favorite tools as a writer. I set that timer and I write. I write as fast as I can because when that timer stops I’m done for the day. It helps keep me super focused on getting my writing done and keeping my butt firmly in my cute little pink office chair.

Magazine/Journal/Seminar Subscription

There is an online class I am dying to take. However, I cannot afford it at the moment. I bet your writer has something like that too. Maybe it’s a magazine subscription (might I suggest Poets & Writers?) or even a conference. Maybe it can be a group gift, have everyone chip in $20 and bam you can pay for that $100 class in no time!


I know! No one can literally bottle time to give away or use later. 

Despite what SOME songs will tell you...

But here’s where you get to get creative. Make a coupon book. Promise to babysit, make dinner, clean the house, leave the writer alone, proofread, etc. Offer to help create more time for your writer to write! Poof, instant time in redeemable coupon form.

And those are some of my inexpensive(ish?) ideas for a useful gift for the writer(s) in your life! Or for you if you are a writer! What are some of your suggestions?



  1. Tina Said:

    I’m a writer, and what I’d love right now is to take a class. Would you share the one you mentioned? Another idea I had is a subscription to the Writer’s Market website. By the way, I found you in the comments section of One-Shot! Welcome! I’m not a great poet, but I love to play, and practice and improve. Reading some of the really, really accomplished poets who participate is very encouraging! Now…to find your poem 🙂

    • Judy Black Said:

      The class I really want to take is a class about editing. It’s all online and it’s $150. And, as always, money is tight and is being spent on better things (like fixing the heat in my car, brrr!)
      I think playing and practicing are the ways to become a really great poet! I just happened to see one shot wednesday on twitter and was amazed by it. So happy to be joining in!

  2. KarenG Said:

    Books are ALWAYS welcome gifts for writers! And warm cozy socks & sweaters because in the winter when you’re writing, the inactivity can make you cold & needing cozy warmth.

    • Judy Black Said:

      Oooh, I do love warm, fuzzy socks. Or a nice mug for hot cocoa (coffee, tea, etc.)

  3. Racquel Said:

    My favorite on the list: BOOKS! Love them!

    • Judy Black Said:

      Yes, yes, yes! There can never be too many books! Okay, there probably CAN be, but I try not to think about that!

  4. Amie Kaufman Said:

    I agree, books are the best gifts! Another gift could be a program like Scrivener, perhaps?

    • Judy Black Said:

      Yes!! What a great idea! I adore Scrivener! Part of my big motivation to finish NaNoWriMo was that winners get a discount code for Scrivener!

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