Time for a Happy Acceptance Dance

So, if you recall I recently blogged about rejections and how I try to deal with/view rejection letters and how the feeling of an acceptance far over rode any pain from a rejection. Well, this morning I opened up my inbox to see this little gem:

Ascent Aspirations will be publishing “Epicene” in the March on-line issue.


was my reaction.

If you recall in that post about rejections I mentioned one poem in particular that had been rejected so many times, but  I really believed in this poem. Yep, you guessed it; “Epicene” is that poem. Here’s a snippet. (NOT the full thing in any way shape or form)

 Warning: This poem continues gratuitous violence, and frightening levels of hate.

On October 27, 1992, Petty Officer Allen R. Schindler, Jr., 22, was brutally beaten to death in a public restroom in Sasebo, Japan by two of his shipmates.
Hate Crimes Statistics

They beat him until
his liver was
see-through and
his bones
were firework fragments
in the thick red sky
of his body.

The coroner thought
he had been
in a plane crash
or wreck, not
just arms
and legs

End snippet.

So this, for me, is where the pushing and trying start to pay off. No, I am not getting paid for my poem being published. No, I do not anticipate being paid for my poetry in the near future (and maybe not ever). Yes, I would LOVE to be paid for my poems, but that’s not why I write.

Writing to get rich is like joining a mosh pit to get a hug.

Aw, they like me!

Sure, it happens on occasion, but don’t count on it. (No, I have nothing against mosh pits. I’ve even been in a few. But not to get a hug.)

Anyways, this was mainly just a post for me to break it down with a happy dance. *dances away*


 Also, below this post is my entry for One Shot Wednesday which I only recently found. If you have yet to discover it then go ahead and click on that link and prepare to have your mind BLOWN.


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