The Ninja and the Writer: A Failed Romance

So I spent last evening in Atlanta with some awesome friends. I’m feeling recharged, awake and alive and ready to write! But I thought I’d be a little silly and share another personal story that happened this past summer in Atlanta. Don’t worry, I’ll still return to the lovely waiter tale again. This is also the best way I have ever been hit on. Seriously, anyone who hits on me ever again will have to live up to this.

I travelled up to Atlanta for a friend’s birthday. We decided to try out a bar we’d heard a lot about. It’s a video game pub. Yes, you read that right. A video game pub. I am giant video game nerd and so are my friends so we were super excited. When we arrived, we discovered that because we have girl boobs we get to play for free on Thursday nights.

Sorry, search for 'boob pictures' is not something I want in my history... so here's a cat with a melon hat.

After a lot of debate, and a couple of drinks, and figured out how the bar worked. To get the game we wanted to play we just had to check in with the bartender. As the bartender was helping get us settled in with Bioshock 2 he commented on my shirt. “So you only date ninjas?” It was only then I remembered the shirt I had put on:

I laughed a little, and told him yep, I only dated ninja and since they lived in the shadows it was always hard to find one. He smiled, get the Xbox set up and went back to work. I started playing Bioshock with my friends squealing and pointing out things. (That’s why we play games, one person plays and everyone else points and squeals)

I was deeply engrossed in the game when all of a sudden, I see a blur out of the corner of my eye. I look up and see a ninja running towards me. The ninja throws a piece of paper into my lap and then disappears into the bar. All my friends were slackjawed, staring at me.

“What’s the paper say?” someone asked.

I unfolded it and say a name and a phone number. I looked around the bar and spotted the bartender looking over at me. He smiled and pointed back to the TV I was playing Bioshock on. My poor character was dead and the game over screen was flashing.

I handed the controller to one of my friends and made my way to the bar to confront the ninja. We actually spent a few hours chatting and dancing around the bar. We even played a silly game of chess with a fantasy themed chess set. A while after midnight, I finally had to leave with my friends after one person had had a little much. I gave my number to the bartending ninja and he kissed my hand.

Puddle. I spend a lot of time as a puddle.

We texted back and forth for a few days after that, but since I live nowhere near Atlanta and only make it up there every few months, things faded out fast and now it’s been months with no texts or calls. It is a little sad but honestly, that will probably always be the best way I have been hit on.

What’s your best being hit on story? Let’s have some giggles this Monday!


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