I’m in love…

I am in love. It’s true, and I was keeping it from all of you. I’m sorry. I am madly and deeply in love, even though we’ve only known each other for three days. It’s sudden I know, but I know we are going to spend our lives together. Who is it?

It’s my teapot shaped kitchen timer.


The new man in my life.


He’s beautiful isn’t he?

Be jealous. But don’t worry, there’s a lovely kitchen timer out there for you.

Okay, in all seriousness the timer has turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made for my writing. I love it. I set it for usually 20 minutes and for that 20 minutes all I do is write. No twitter, no ims, no nothing but me and my writing.

The timer helps keep me totally focused on what I need to do, and in that dedicated 20 minutes I can get all kinds of things accomplished. For instance, this blog post was written with the help of my lovely little teapot shaped kitchen timer.

Okay, so here are some quick tips for finding the time to write.

1. Use a timer to focus in on a short period of time.

2. Spend one day tracking what you do every 15 minutes, you just might be shocked at where you’re spending time

3. Figure out what time you write best, morning, evening, night. Find out when you are most creative.

4. Try to write at the same time everyday if possible.

5. Reward yourself, and take a break now and then.

So those are a few tips for finding the time to write. What are your ideas? I know you’ve got a ton so go on and comment and let me know! And… my little teapot man is ringing so I’m off!



  1. randallweiss Said:

    I probably focus too much on step 5.

  2. Eric Said:

    Aw, that’s sweet. Nice to appreciate the little things.

    (And here I thought this post was about ME! LOL!)

    • Judy Black Said:

      Aw, don’t worry! There’s still room in my heart for you, lol! 😀

  3. Laura Said:

    Simple but brilliant solution! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. As a musician, it’s the same way with metronomes (the ticking things that count out the beat for you). Sitting down with the metronome is extremely helpful for some reason–just like timing yourself. Will try this 🙂

    • Judy Black Said:

      It has been great so far! it’s such a simple solution but the focus it gives me is incredible. Speaking of metronomes my timer does click along in beat which is really soothing.

  4. ADORABLE little timer…and a great set of ideas, too!

    • Judy Black Said:

      It is the cutest timer ever!! I found a lot of really cute ones, a little apple, a little strawberry, and my little teapot!

  5. I’m not a writer, but this is information is helpful to a Twitter addict like me. I haven’t been getting my work done in weeks because all I do is check Twitter…like right now. Anyway-I love the new teapot timer and must find an hour glass or something to put on my desk at work so I can stay focused on my real job!

    • Judy Black Said:

      That’s another reason I LOVE this timer! I can use it to focus on other things. I’ve used it to get the bathroom clean, set the timer and then race to see if I can beat it. If I beat it, I get to take a braek until it rings. 🙂

  6. Jack Torrance Said:

    I’ve done timed writings before for a university course, & I still enjoy doing them today. I’ve written some of my best stuff that way!

    • Judy Black Said:

      Yes, sometimes you need that timed writing to really just force you to write and not worry about editing and making it ‘perfect’ before you’ve even written a word.

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