Writing Buddies!

So I am working on a new way to keep myself motivated to write. MFA applications have been keeping me wrapped up and busy but I think I am finally on top of the applications! (Though being on top of the applications means being in empty wallet land)

So I am teaming up with my writing buddy…. The Great Gonzo! aka Suzy who has been one of my best buddies from college on! So, we are working together to keep one another motivated to get a novel manuscript (read: SUPER ROUGH DRAFT) together by June. Then we’ll go on to be one another’s beta readers and sanity check.

This is my first time really working with a buddy but I’m very hopeful. I work hard to make sure to not let anyone down and accountability will really help keep me focus on getting my writing done. I really want to get a novel manuscript written again (I’ve written three, but none have progressed past rough draft) and move forward into submitting them.

I’m also hoping to get Gonzo to keep me focused on getting everything together for the chapbook I am working on which should be done by mid-February.

So, before I scurry off to get some writing done, here some excellent links for you to check out.

First: The amazing One Shot Poetry has a spotlight about me up on their blog and I am so humbled, and honored and touched. Please feel free to check it out, comment, and go and tell everyone there how awesome they are.

Second: Poets and Writers is my favorite magazine for writing information. I recently started using their site to search for contests, you can even do a search based on entry fee (which is great for people like me who have a limited budget) They even have a calendar with submission deadlines which is very helpful.


Now enjoy the rest of the week and I’m off to knock out a few thousand words! What helps keep you motivated to write? We can keep each other inspired, right?



  1. Laura Said:

    What keeps me motivated to write…? Well, I don’t usually need to search for motivation; it’s more like an obsession. Not with poetry so much as with novel and story writing–the characters in my head won’t leave me alone. I remember thinking (while my dad was driving; he’s in his 40’s and yet would probably fail the driver’s test I took when I was 16) that if I died, no one would know the story of the characters. I know, maybe it’s a bit weird, but it really is like having voices in your head (hence the title of my blog).

    I also draw heavily on history. I’m a big history geek, especially for all things military, Mesoamerica, Renaissance, Russia, and random, and that shows up in the worlds and worldviews that I write. History is just full of extremely interesting people and events, and even if I don’t feel like doing the research required for specific historical fiction, I can pillage from what I learned in high school and beyond. 🙂 And finally, boredom is a huge motivator for writing.

    • Judy Black Said:

      It’s grat that you have such an awesome motivation! I’m similar with the stories and characters just screaming my head. My issue is sitting down and writing it all down as opposed to just thinking about it. Also the ever constant ‘oooh, new shiny idea’ makes it difficult for me to stay focused on one topic! 🙂

      History is such an amazing, rich source of inspiration as well. It’s one of the places I draw a lot of inspiration as well.

      • Laura Said:

        Aaaaaand that’s where plotting comes in! 😀 To refer to another post of yours, if you have a shiny new idea every ten minutes you can train yourself to write it down, plot out how it’s going to go, and stick in your “later” pile. When you go back to it, you can sift out what seems to work vs. what won’t. 🙂

  2. brian miller Said:

    nice. having someone to be accountable to is key…it is only as good though as you are willing to be tough on each other…and really do it. a friend sometimes has a hard time doing that…

    • Judy Black Said:

      That is where I think we will have a challenge. It’s easy for a friend to say, ‘Oh, it’s ok, take the night off!’ We’re both going to have to get over that and hold one another accountable for sure. However, we’ve done it before so I have hope!

  3. Draven Ames Said:

    Congratulations on the spotlight, you really deserve it. I’ve read a bit of your poetry through the last few months. Impressive and you really put yourself out there.

    A writing buddy is a great idea. You often see those work! Congratulations!

    Draven Ames

    • Judy Black Said:

      Thanks so much! I was really floored and honored to be featured. Since I’m applying to MFA programs I have thrown myself 120% into poetry over the past few months and it is really paying off. I have several short story and novel ideas simmering and now that applications are ending I think I will finally have time to get back to fiction too.

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