Twitter: A Love Story

So I have fallen totally in love with twitter. It’s been a slowly developing affair. I tentatively returned to twitter and happened to stumble onto several writers, editors, agents, publishers, and generally awesome people through the #litchat hashtag on twitter.

Since that moment only several moments ago I have been constantly amazed at how much twitter has taught me. I’m now a volunteer reader for a literary agency, help out with reviews, have been interview for two separate blogs, and working on an awesome screenplay. All of those things happened directly because of twitter, if that’s not impressive I don’t know what is.

So I wanted to do a shout-out to some of the incredible people and sites I have found through twitter. I’d also love to hear about some of things, peoples, and sites you’ve found.

Indie Horror

An incredible, newly formed but rapidly growing site for horror writers to meet and discuss. I’ve done a guest blog post there and the blog is updated frequently with some great information about Indie publishing, horror, writing, etc. There’s a fantastic contest in progress, CannibalCookoff, and I know things will only continue to grow.

Candlemark & Gleam

One of the most incredible, helpful and kind publishing house I have had the honor of interacting with. Always happy to answer any questions, share helpful information and publish awesome quality work. They are taking submissions as well and I would encourage any writer to check out their website.

Paperback Horror

An amazingly helpful, sweet and in love with reading man. This review site is updated frequently with an amazing array of work. I have never been disappointed taking his recommendations, and am amazed at how flawlessly he gets from work to work while maintaining an active twitter account.

One Stop Poetry

The fantastic One Stop Poetry where new poems are posted even Wednesday though there are more writing prompts posted throughout the week. This is where you can find an amazing group of talented poets, writers and readers.

Some of my most helpful people I’ve met on twitter:


An excellent critique partner and just in general a fantastic, awesome guy. He is always up for some very interesting conversations about poetry, wine, and life. Always a pleasure to talk with and always full of wonderful observations.


The wonderful professor! Always full of incredibly helpful advice about not just poetry and writing, but about the world around us as well. Politically active and opinionated, he keeps me up to date about what’s going on in the world.

Draven Ames

Incredibly active and talented writer. He recently finished a novel and is looking for information about publishing, however he is already a trove of information and always helpful.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chrissy's Freelance , Judy Black. Judy Black said: Twitter: A Love Story: […]

  2. randallweiss Said:

    Two things:
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Why is my entry shorter than the others?!?!?!

    • Judy Black Said:

      haha it’s shorter because near the end of the post I got really, really sleepy. I’ll expand soon. 🙂

  3. Draven Ames Said:

    First, I must agree that Kate at Candle Mark Gleam is very cool. I hope she finds a lot of great authors to work with. Support her if you support anyone.

    Indiehorror is a great place to write and network. Take your time to read Judy’s most recent post there, “The Horror!” Great place to network and blog.

    Good luck on your screenplay and everything else Judy. Paperback is also a great reviewer and twitter pall. You can’t go wrong.

    But I think you did a foul. You didn’t mention the best, most out of their way to help you kind of person. The kind of person who reads your stuff and always supports you.

    Yeah, it is you Judy. Thanks for all the support,

    Draven Ames

    • Judy Black Said:

      And I didn’t mention YOU! You have been always helpful and supportive as well. Your blog is always full of information and insights and you’re just plain awesome to chat with!

      But thank you for your kind words! ❤

  4. Kate Said:

    Dang. I am all kinds of flattered to be on a list of all the Twitter Cool Kids. 😀

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