Con Nooga Part 2

Alright, so this is going to be some fun pics from Con Nooga and a list of the people I’ve met and a link to their sites. It also will include a snippet of their info from the Con Nooga website. Keeping this post short, simple, and sweet. Like me. 🙂

Michael D’Ambrosio

 Michaels works include: Night Creeps – October 2009 Fractured Time –  Twisted Fate – Dark Horizon –The Eye of Icarus – (March, 2008) Book one in Space Frontiers – Dangerous Liaisons – (February, 2009) Book two in Space Frontiers – The Devil’s Playground – Coming in 2010 (Book three in Space Frontiers) – Galaxy of the Damned – Book four of the Space Frontiers Series. In progress.

For more info visit:

Ed Crandell

Ed finished West World in June of 2002, and went straight into writing Return to West World.  He had also been looking for a publisher for West World.  In 2006, PublishAmerica agreed to make his story available to anyone who would like to read it.  It is now available for your reading pleasure through PublishAmerica at

Aberrant Dreams, Speculative Fiction is an online publication of speculative fiction operated under the HD-IMAGE umbrella.  Aberrant Dreams was founded in 2004 by Lonny Harper and Joe Dickerson and has featured fiction by some of the industry’s best known authors and served to help launch many newcomers.  Aberrant Dreams will also be our host for Fandom Jeopardy!  We appreciate all that Aberrant Dreams does and have accomplished. 

For more information:

Dan Jolley

Dan Jolley began his writing career in the early nineties, initially focusing on comic books. His limited series Obergeist was voted Best Horror Comic of 2001 by WIZARD Magazine, and his DC Comics project JSA: The Unholy Three received an Eisner Award nomination for Best Limited Series of 2003. May 2007 saw the debut of his first original prose novel series, a young-adult science fiction espionage story called Alex Unlimited, published by a joint venture of TOKYOPOP and HarperCollins

Sean Taylor

He’s the writer of Gene Simmons Dominatrix by Simmons Comics Group published by IDW Publishing and has also written for Gene Simmons House of Horrors, also published by IDW. He’s also currently writing the upcoming The Tantalizing Ti-Girl for Mini-Komix, and the upcoming miniseries Jesse James in the Mayan Underworld and Last Chance School for Girls for Arcana Comics.

Andy Deane

Andy Deane is best known as the frontman and lyricist for the internationally renowned band Bella Morte. Formed in 1996, they have released two EPs and six full-length albums (the most recent being BEAUTIFUL DEATH, Metropolis Records, 2008) over the past decade and have toured extensively throughout the US and Europe during that time. Andy’s debut novel (THE STICKS, Delerium Books, 2009) was written in large part while passing long miles between gigs on the road with his band Bella Morte. THE STICKS was an enormous success, and solidified Andy’s intentions to continue his career as a writer.

Okay, that’s not everyone but this was turning out to be less short and sweet than I thought. So on to the pics!!

Me and Andy Deane!

Most amusing shirt ever.

My and my new boyfriend, R2D2. We're a cute pair, I know.

Suzy fangirling all over Dan Jolley.

Teehee, the Tardis!

Me eating ramen with two straws cause we had no silverware.



  1. thegreatgonzo26 Said:

    You need to edit one picture:
    “Me eating ramen with two straws cause we’re BAMF-ettes”

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