I am a writer.

Lately, I have been struggling with making the time to write. I get so caught up in this blog, talking to friends, TV shows, video games, networking on twitter and forum boards and countless other things. It feels like I’m drifting further and further away from what I want.

I want to be able to be engaged with words full-time. I don’t want to dread going into a day job to pay the bills and cram what writing I can into the night. For now, I am content with my life, but lately I have been falling into the ‘I’m too tired to write’ every night when I get home from work, or finish up one of the projects I work on in (haha) my free time.

So what in the world is this post babbling on about? This post is a reclaiming of the fact that I am a writer, and if I want to keep being a writer then I have to write. So, yes, super short post today, but you know what, it feels good to say it again.

I am a writer.



  1. Right on for posting something about writing. It is a great affirmation of your passion for words. Day-to-day always gets in the way of talent. But sticking with it will make life more fulfilling.


    • Exactly! It’s something that’s easy to say but sticking with it is not so simple. Every once in a while I can feel my resolve slipping away and have to remind myself of what I want, and what I can do.

  2. I don’t think there are many authors who don’t feel too tired to write at times. In fact, I’ve been struggling with the same issue for weeks. I don’t think a small lapse in writing discipline is that bad as long as you try to stick to some schedule for writing. This works for me at least.

    Then again, I have the fortune to be able to write during my daily commute by train

    • Yeah, I took a break for about a week and it saved my sanity, but lately I have just been pulling the ‘I’m too tired to write tonight.’ card and I don’t like it. I needed to give myself a kick in the butt to get writing again.

  3. Carl Said:

    I relate. I hope reading this gives me a boost.

    • I hope so too! The hardest part about being a writer is making writing a priority.

  4. randallweiss Said:

    Sometimes we need to remind ourselves.

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