Distract-Ooooh Shiny!

So my lovely bud Suzy posted about distractions and I thought it was a great exploration of the things that happen when a writer tries to sit down and focus. Following Suzy’s lead I am going to document every time I’m distracted while writing this post.

I am horrible at staying focused on a single task (checked what the name of the song playing on Pandora is) and constantly have 4-5 internet tabs open at any one time so I can work on multiple projects (counted the number of tabs/things up. Total: 6).

(Had some soda. Green Tea Ginger Ale. It’s delicious.) While I can sit down and focus on writing, and have done it in the past, it’s always a challenge. The things that consume the most of my time are:

Instant Messaging

‘Research’ (Noticed that these new pants are really shiny. Had to check the fabric… there’s no tag but it feels like a polysatin blend.)



And that is what distracts me the most when I’m writing. It isn’t the ‘lack of inspiration’ or (responded to im from Suzy) a struggle with writer’s block usually that keeps me from writing. It’s a simple lack of discipline.

I hop from task to task without devoting too much time to any of them. It isn’t fair to my writing, or to my other projects for that matter. So, from now on I’m going to attempt to set out one hour a day where I write uninterupted. I honestly think one of the only ways this will happen is if I start waking up earlier and write before work.

Early morning is when there isn’t very much going on on line, no friends are awake to distract me (though I do love their distractions) and I can set my timer and write.

So, wish me luck! Time to pull out my little kitchen timer, and just write. JUST write.

(checked pants for tag again, still no luck)

So, how do you combat distractions and get your work done?



  1. Laura Said:

    Hmm. Well. I can force myself to concentrate when I need to. For me it’s less a problem of not being able to focus on writing–I have other things that I need to do first. Things I get graded on, namely. :/

    • That is a big challenge too! When you have a towering list of things to do and writing falls to the bottom.

  2. Eric Said:

    Look! A distraction!


    • QUICK GET IT!!

      • Eric Said:

        LOL! Like my dogs any time there’s a squirrel – or a bird, or a guy walking his dog, or…

    • thegreatgonzo26 Said:


  3. Internet distractions are one reason I write first drafts in ink. My moleskin doesn’t have the web.

    • Laura Said:

      YES! Another person who writes first drafts in ink! Though I do it because I like to doodle and be able to see my thought process.

      • I’ve started doing all my outlining in pencil. It’s helped a lot. Long live the paper and pen!

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