So I had a post planned out…

But then I received an acceptance letter to an MFA program and that was the end of that. So… I will make up for this short, short post later but I’m celebrating tonight/today!!!!

I was accepted to Ga State University’s MFA program!! So, cheers! I’m off to enjoy my bottle of white chocolate wine!



  1. Laura Said:

    Woooowwwww awesome!!!! Are you going to go?!?! Or do you have other applications out?

    And I know I’m not 21 and all, but damn, white chocolate wine sounds freakin delicious… *is jealous of all you people who can drink legally* 😉

    • I think I’m going! I should hear from the last school I applied to by this evening (should being the key word)

      White chocolate wine is DELICIOUS!!

  2. WONDERFUL! Oh, congratulations! I’m so excited for you!

    • Thanks!! I’m thrilled!! I really wasn’t sure I was going to be accepted anywhere so I am pumped!

  3. randallweiss Said:

    Congrats! I would say cheers, but this post was several days ago, and the wine is probably gone.

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