Why I fired my muse…

Ah, a writer and his/her muse, it’s a love hate relationship. The muse brings inspiration and suffering, but mainly suffering. (For what a muse should/could be check out Oglaf… not safe for work though! http://oglaf.com/media/comic/blankpage.jpg ) 

The notion of a writer and the muse is a pair known fair and wide. But I’ve fired my muse, we just weren’t working out. Now, I am all for writing when you are struck with a sudden burst of inspiration and the muse is whispering sweetly in your ear. Butthen… your muse disappears, or starts telling you all about this even better story waiting just over here. What do you do? betray your beloved muse? What if he/she/it leaves forever?

Waiting for that inspiration is killing writing time. Sitting and waiting for your muse to kindly whisper your next story into your ear is just wasting your time. I fired my muse because I was tired on depending on that unknown force to generate my writing. I need to write rain, or shine, inspired or dragging my feet.

I think too many writers depend on waiting for that instant of inspiration before they even start writing. I’m done with that. I’ve spent far too much waiting for inspiration to strike. Inspiration doesn’t have to be this mythical creature that we attempt to woe.

Take the advice from this quote from Peter de Vries, “I believe I can’t write unless I’m inspired but I make sure I’m inspired every day at 9am.”




  1. randallweiss Said:


    Good thoughts on writing whether inspired or not. But I think there’s a romance in chasing the muse.

    • Haha, thanks for that catch. There is such romance in the muse, and I still do believe that it exists, but I think too many writers waste away for want of a muse.

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