Celebrating Poetry

So it’s National Poetry Month and I wanted to do a little blog post detailing my favorite poets and their work. It’s going to be short, sweet and simple. So…


Margaret Atwood- Morning in the Burned House

Claudia Rankine- Don’t Let Me Be Lonely

Christina Rossetti (Promises Like Pie Crust is one of my all time favorite poems)

Laura Newbern- Love and The Eye

Lola Haskins- Desire Lines


Now, to share my favorite poem. It’s one of the ones I have memorized.


Flying Inside Your Own Body
Your lungs fill & spread themselves,
wings of pink blood, and your bones
empty themselves and become hollow.
When you breathe in you’ll lift like a balloon
and your heart is light too & huge,
beating with pure joy, pure helium.
The sun’s white winds blow through you,
there’s nothing above you,
you see the earth now as an oval jewel,
radiant & seablue with love.
It’s only in dreams you can do this.
Waking, your heart is a shaken fist,
a fine dust clogs the air you breathe in;
the sun’s a hot copper weight pressing straight
down on the think pink rind of your skull.
It’s always the moment just before gunshot.
You try & try to rise but you cannot.

Margaret Atwood

So, I am aching for some new poetry, so please share some of your recommendations!



  1. Laura Said:

    Interesting that they’re all woman poets. 🙂 Personally my favorites are Langston Huges, Shakespeare of course lol, and I also like Claude McKay and Wilfred Owens … and some other poetry … the thing is, like with songs on the radio, I remember the poems and not the authors. So unless someone’s poems have made an impression on me consistently, I probably will know their poems and not them.

    • Laura Said:

      I spelled that wrong (Hughes), sorry.

      • Aw, it’s ok. You know it never even dawned on me that it’s all female poets. I do read male poets, but my favorites seem to be women. I mean I adore Elliot, and Byron. Oh and yes, Claude McKay is a dream!

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