Review: Love and The Eye by Laura Newbern

In honor of National Poetry Month I wanted to post a review of a poetry collection so I chose Laura Newbern’s Love and The Eye.

This is an absolutely beautiful and inspiring collection of poems that will stay with hours after you have put it down. Newbern explores the world and all of its tiny details with a magnifying glass and a distinctive ethereal voice. Everyday moments become something universal and cosmic. Time seems to spot in each of these poems as they travel from one world to the next, exploring with the wonder of a child, and the experience of an adult.

There were several lines of poetry in Newbern’s work that literally made me gasp. Her lines are sharp and breathtaking, each idea and word seems to take on a life of its own. There is a weightlessness that these poems move that truly left me amazed, I felt as if I drifted from poem to poem, following a world of both beauty and shadow.

My favorite aspect of Newbern’s work is the way she can capture both the light and the dark of the world around her in such an effortless way. Her poems read and feel organic, and refreshing. For a debut collection I am incredibly impressed and already looking forward to more work from Laura Newbern.

You can buy Love and The Eye here.


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