Days of Madness

If you follow me on twitter you saw over the weekend that I put I was going off the grid to write. So what is this madness of which I speak?

It’s been far too long since I have sat down and FINISHED something. I continuously start and restart stories and poems over and over. I have finished very little in the past year. So I am jumping into several days of madness where I plan to start and finish at least one project.

The project is a (roughly estimated) 20,000 word romance for a Carina Press contest. Over the weekend I broke the 10,000 word mark and I hope to knock out the rest this week.

Why in the world would I do this to my already fragile sanity?

Because I am a terrible procrastinator and unless I start making drastic changes I will continue on this path of never finishing what I start. This is a reminder that the hard part of writing is not coming up with ideas. It’s writing it all down.

And what better way to try to ensure victory then by loudly proclaiming to the internet?

So, I apologize if I am not (and haven’t been) as chatty on twitter or here. I’m trying really, really hard to do this.

So, how about you drop me a line and suggest future blog topics? Help keep my little brain from deep-frying itself.



  1. randallweiss Said:

    Since you seem to be on a prose kick lately, something about character development might be nice.

    If you need someone to proof all this writing, you know my email.

    • Oh, that would be a lot of fun to do! I’ll get on that! And I will keep that in mind 🙂

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