Charity Spotlight: Books for Soldiers

So this year I’ve been trying to work more with charity this year and I have found one that I wanted to share. Since I know most of you wonderful, amazing people that read my  blog are literary in mind I wanted to share one that I think would interest all of you.

Books For Soldiers is a great group that helps (as the name implies) get books to soldiers station over seas. In order to see addresses and requests from soldiers you will have to fill out an official request form and have it notarized, however, it’s a small step to helping out and helping out readers all over!

Individual soldiers or units can request a certain type of books (fantasy, sci-fi, comics, etc.) and then you pack a box with books and other little care package items and ship away! Using the Post Office’s flat rate boxes it’s about 8ish dollars to ship a box so that’s not bad at all.

You can find out more, join up and start donating here.

Anyways, this is just a short little encouragement about a charity I hope you all will help out with. What charities are most dear to your heart?



  1. Laura Said:

    THat’s a great idea! I think I will forward this along to some people I know. And possibly bring it up at church. 🙂

    • Yay!! I sent in my application to volunteer so I’m hoping to get access soon. I already have a few author friends I hope to contact about maybe donating books. So yay!!

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