5 Writing Tips You’ve Heard Before

Everyone has a list of writing tips that they swear by, that they give to everyone.  A lot of these are going to be tips you’ve heard before. There’s a reason for that.

1. Write at different times of the day until you figure out when you write best.

Yes, at different times. Some people can’t write a word before noon, some people can’t write after 9pm. Figure out when you are most productive and stick to it.

2. Read outside of your comfort zone.

Try reading something totally outside of your norm. You usually read horror? Pick up an epic fantasy. You read romance? Try a hard sci-fi novel. You might hate it, but you may just discover a new genre you love. Inspiration may strike, a writing style might jump out at you. Anything can happen if you push yourself into new areas.

3. Try to write every day at the same time.

Train youself that 6:37 a.m. or whenever is when you write. I keep ‘try’ in this one because I know that life doesn’t always play nice and sometimes you won’t be able to keep this time commitment, but try to do it as close to the same time as possible.

4. Keep active.

I don’t mean just with writing either. You need to keep your mind and body active, not to mention that sitting hunched over a keyboard for hours can be killer on your back, neck, shoulders, whole body. Take care of yourself, body and mind.

5. Take yourself seriously.

If you really want to be a writer then you need to take your writing and yourself seriously. You need to make writing a priority in your life and not feel guilty about it.


Those are my top 5 tips that I try to follow as a writer. There isn’t a whole lot of magic, instantly write a best-selling novel out there. Writing is commitment and takes a great deal of dedication. You need to know that you can do it, so stop procrstinating and go write!


What are some of your favorite writing tips?


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