Interview: Suzy Deacon

So my dear wonderful writing bestie, Suzy, agreed to let me interview her for my blog. She’s always full of amazing ideas and helps keep me motivated to write!
1. What’s the biggest challenge about making time to write?
Biggest challenge is to stay off the internet. Its so easy for me to get distracted by “Wait, what would that look like?” or “OH! Who sings the song that I’m listening to?”

Second biggest challenge is discipline. I haven’t quite worked out a full routine beyond my usual morning surf. I find myself getting bored quiet easily and wandering away to the “Black Holes of the Internet” (i.e. 4chan and Reddit), a habit which I’m trying to break.

It’s not working very well.

2. Has social media helped or hurt the way you work? How?

Little bit of helping, but mostly hurting. Keeping Facebook and Twitter open is like putting cake near me: the temptation is too great, and eventually I’m gonna want some. But, AIM is wonderful since no one uses it anymore!

Let me correct myself and say that no one on there talks to me. It’s bliss.

3.When you need inspiration, what do you do?

Inspiration? That’s a tough one. I find I get my best ideas when I’m no where near my computer or in a spot where I can’t write down my ideas, so I have to let them develop. I’m very much a thinker when it comes to plotting, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue, and we’ll save that for another time.
I’m also a very auditory writer, meaning I get my inspiration/ ideas from audio sources, namely music. Music is very much apart of my writing process; it helps me to plan a scene and visualize how everything is going to turn out.

4. What type of works do you perfer to write (short story, poems, novels, etc.) and why?

I prefer to write novels, but since that doesn’t seem to be working out very well at the moment, I stick to snippets of a novel idea I have running around. I call them sprints, and its 85-90% of what my blog is. Its easier for me to get the idea out of my head first, then go write something else, or develop it further.

5.Who are the authors that inspire you most?

A hahahaha….yeah. About that…. I’m very bad that respect. I don’t read as much as I could/should. It makes me very self conscious sometimes, or I get far too critical about the author’s writing style. Or I can’t find anything that suits me. I can be very difficult at times. Or a jerk.

I am getting better at reading though! Picking up books around the house and reading them, or looking at materials online. Just got Edgar Rice Burrough’s “A Princess of Mars” and started that last night, so hopefully I can get better at this whole idea of “reading”.

6. If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

“Get off the internet; make some friends; keep reading and keep writing.”
Actually, that’s my advice to anyone.
 So, go follow Suzy’s blog and follow her on twitter here

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