Saturday Sweets: Lavender Lemonade

So it’s getting to be summer time here in Georgia and that means way too hot. I am not a hot weather lover that is for sure. So I wanted to share a recipe a friend of mine gave me for the MOST DELICIOUS LEMONADE IN THE UNIVERSE. Seriously it’s amazing.





1 12oz. can frozen lemonade concentrate

1/4 Cup lavender (You can usually find Lavender at stores like Whole Food, or you can order online and have the dried flowers shipped to you. )

2 C. boiling water



1. Combine concentrate and 1 gal. cold water.

2. Steep lavender 10 min. in boiled water. (Culinary Note: To steep food is to let the food soak in hot liquid to better absorb flavor)

3. Strain and pour lavender water into lemonade.


( You can also use homemade lemonade which uses the juice from around 8 lemons and about 3/4 cup of sugar. If you do this, then pour the hot lavender water over the sugar then add lemon juice and water to taste. )


NEAT NOTE: Although the lemonade is yellow and the lavender mixture is green, the new mix will turn pink!


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