A Few Nudging Prompts

My days of the week are all off so sorry about not having a post until Wednesday. Goodness, give me one day off work and I’m a mess!

I’ve been reading Now Write  and it is full of some of the most inspiring writing prompts I’ve ever read so I wanted to share a couple of prompts today.

1. There’s a wedding cake in the middle of the road.

2. What is in your main character’s (or minor character’s, or villain’s) pocket. Be specific.

3. Write something from the point of view of a piece of furniture.

4. “Tasting an apple is like seeing a…”

5. Two people exit a building.

6. Characters are in a car travelling somewhere. The car doesn’t stop and they never reach their destination.

7. Find a news article and write what happened as a story or poem

8. “A minute of failure…”

9. Write a setting without describing how it looks.

10. Write a scene of conflict without including any dialogue. Use body language.

If you use any of these, share away! I’d love to see what you’ve written! I may even jump on the wagon for a few of these!


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  1. […] super awesome bff had a post awhile back in which she posted some writing sprint ideas to get everyone started. Like the slave catcher one, I sotra followed it, until I decided to ignore […]

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