Non-Contest Poetry Publishers

So the wonderful #poetparty had a great discussion about the pros and cons of contests for poets. A wonderful link was posted listing publishers that publish without contests (and mostly without fees). Since I’m currently moving all my things from one laptop to the other and lacking some time, I wanted to share that link with all of you.

All credit for this collection of information goes to Rachel Dacus, you can access this list on her site, here



Small presses that publish poetry books outside of contests. A reading fee may be charged. If you hear of any other non-contest poetry book publishers, please contact me so I can add to the list. More small presses seem to be reading outside of contests, even those that also have contests. I can only hope this is a trend that will continue, perhaps because of contest entries declining. Many poets can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars in contest fees to get a book out.

Updated: 6/5/11


Please support these presses by buying their poetry books!


Apogee Press (Query)

Bear Star Press (Mountain and Pacific time zones, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. September – November. $20 reading fee)
Black Lawrence Press

Black Ocean Press

BkMk Press (February – June. Query with samples.)
BOA Editions (American Poets Continuum – must have published at least one book)
Brick Road Poetry Press
Brooklyn Arts Press

Carolina Wren Press (February 1st to June 1st reading period)

Carnegie Mellon University Press (October 2011)

CavanKerry Press (February. $20 reading fee.)

City Lights Books 
Cooper Dillon Books (April – August. $10 or buy a book reading fee.)
Copper Canyon Press (Query. No first book submissions.)
Counterpath Press
Dream Horse Press ($10 reading fee)

Etruscan Press ($20 reading fee)

Four Way Books

Graywolf Press

High Plains Press (“Poetry of the American West”)
Iris Press

Kitsune Books

Kore Press (Literature by women. Jan. 1 – Feb. 28. $35 reading fee)

Mayapple Press (Reading fee)

Milkweed Editions
Mountains & Rivers Press

New Directons (Full manuscript or query)

Octopus Books (April. $10 reading fee.)
Paris Press (Nov. 1 – Feb. 28)

Persea Books (July)
Pitt Poetry Series (September & October)
Phoenicia Publishing (Poetry and prose) (Query)
Plain View Press
Port Yonder Press (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction)
Press 53 (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction; query first per guidelines)
Salmon Poetry

Sarabande Books

Sixteen Rivers Press (San Francisco Bay Area collective press; 3-year membership required)
Split Oak Press
Steel Toe Books
Tarpaulin Sky Press
Trembling Pillow Press (May 1 – August 1)
Tupelo Press (July open reading – $25 reading fee)

Waywiser Press (authors with two or more books can submit between March 1 and June1)
WordTech Communication





Again, ALL credit for this information goes to

All credit for this collection of information goes to Rachel Dacus, and you can access this list on her site, here.



I’ll be back with a usual post on Thursday once I get my new laptop up and running with all my files.

















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