The happy post that never was…

I was hoping to start this post with an exclamation that I’d been accepted by a publishing house and would have a novella coming out soon. But sadly, a rejection letter appeared instead.

I took it like a real champ though.

Pictured Above: Me

Is it disappointing? Yes.

Am I upset? Yes.

Am I taken totally off guard? No.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe in my work, I think it’s a good story, and I think it’s written well. But this is the first time I’ve ever submitted anything longer than a short story anywhere. It’s the first time I’ve submitted to a publishing house, the first time I’ve done ay of that. So no, I’m not shocked. Still sad, but it’s not like a total sucker punch to the face.

I’m planning on re-reading, and editing the novella and then try again. But I’m not giving up, like I honestly know how to even quit writing, pah, you make me laugh.

Regardless, this isn’t as happy and exciting post as I had hoped, but it still is thrilling to have gone through the submission process. I gained a lot of experience and I’m going to just keep on trucking!

So, anyone else have rejection tales? (Come on, I know you do!)



  1. u.v.ray Said:

    Maybe you just picked the wrong publisher. First publisher I tried rejected my first novella. I didn’t think it needed editing. Sent it out again and the second one accepted it.

    There are a lot of bad writers around. That is also true of editors. Never show them TOO much respect.

  2. randallweiss Said:

    I don’t have any exciting rejection stories to share. Most of my poems have been rejected with a form letter or email.

    I’m sure someone will accept it. If you want another opinion for editing, you know my email.

  3. Kate Said:

    You have such a constructive, positive attitude towards this! Go you! Keep submitting, and keep refining your work, and keep writing, and you’ll get out there!

    Me, I’ve been rejected 18 times and counting for my cookbook. Just keep going…!

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