Review: Road Trip and Other Poems by U.V. Ray

I was fortunate enough to have the amazing U.V. Ray send me a copy of his upcoming chapbook, Road Trip and Other Poems for review. I was thrilled for this chance because it’s been several months since I’ve been able to dive into a chapbook.

Wow, I was totally blown away by the work. This is gritty, real poetry that lingered for hours after I’d finished it. I read the collection three times and I am positive I will be back to read it again.

There is a very Jack Kerouac feeling to the collection which is a whirlwind of drugs, booze, sex, love and overlooked details. The works have a surprisingly honest, rough-around-the-edges male voice to them. There are no soft musings on the colors of the clouds here. This is down to earth hard poetry.

The collection is filled with beautiful, breathtaking lines. Each time I found a line I wanted to quote for this review, I’d find another one in the next poem. The entire collection is fantastic.

U.V. Ray has a distinctive broken cadence to his lines, the line breaks themselves are sometimes rough and jarring, but always leading to something surprising, something beautiful under the light of alcohol and hotel rooms. He isn’t afraid to take risks with the shape of the poem, or with breaking words clean in half, and that lack of fear only makes the words pop even more.

I am drawn into the world that U.V. Ray creates through his writing. It’s a tragic, broken, mixed-up, beautiful world that is so bareboned honest it catches me off guard every time.

For me, I think the collection can best be summed up in U.V. Ray’s own words, a small sample of lines from his poem Cracks In The Pavement featured in this chapbook.

there is a sadness to it all

I just want to find something

And if that was U. V. Ray’s goal. Then mission accomplished, because this chapbook is a collection of tragic beauty that I cannot recommend enough.

You can learn more about U.V. Ray and buy his newest chapbook (and his first chapbook The Blood in My Veins) here.



  1. Tats Said:

    He is really brilliant, his work is a juxtaposition of amazing seediness and romance… an intoxicating combination. Nice to see a fellow Atlanta dweller that appreciates Mr. Ray for what he brings to the table.

    • Yes! I really did enjoy his poetry. It’s exactly seedy romance, dark but hopeful and beautiful.

  2. u.v.ray Said:

    Thank you, Tats. Now, go on your way happy. Happy in the knowledge that the greatest writer of his generation thanks you and loves you. 🙂

    And thank you, Miss Judy Black, for the very kind words. I am flattered.


    • I’m flattered to have a copy of this awesome collection of poetry! It was my pleasure!

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