Reading On A Kindle

So I’ve had a kindle since December and I am madly in love with it. I have read more books since getting the Kindle then I have in years. I really enjoy the Kindle for my reading for fun.

The screen isn’t straining on my eyes at all and is very much like looking at a page. There’s little to no glare in the sun and the device is light and comfortable to hold. The pages turn quickly and the transition from page to page is very smooth. I also love the percentage complete bar at the bottom so I know how far into the book I am.

Some issues I have with the Kindle is occasional formatting issues with novels where letters show up incorrectly or italics show up in totally a different format. Sentences are sometimes broken onto two lines or turned bold in the middle of a paragraph. Now a lot of this may be individual novel issues, but it’s happened with enough novels to be an issue for me.

Now, the few things I have not been able to adjust to using my Kindle for are academic reading, and reading poetry. I can read over these items but I am a highlighter and a note taker when it comes to academic words or poems. I circle things, underline them, and draw connecting arrows. It’s not something I can duplicate with a Kindle.

However, the Kindle has made reading a quicker, easier process for me. I’m a very quick reader so having a Kindle with multiple books on it is a blessing for me (and my poor bags) to not have to carry two or three books with me. But, when I really want to read, take notes and examine a text, nothing will replace plain old paper for me.


What are your thoughts on e-readers? Love them, hate them?



  1. Laura Said:

    I hear Nook is better than Kindle…

    I have neither, but my mother does because she often travels for work.

    • So far, I’ve been very, very happy with my Kindle. I haven’t played with or used a Nook too much.

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