Review: Savage Worlds Gaming

So sadly my plans with technology for today’s post did not quite work out, but no worries! Instead I’m going to talk about a new tabletop roleplaying game that I have fallen in love with.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons near the beginning of summer, and fell totally in love, however, I have to say that some of the math and the rules confused me immensely. I would sit and stare at my little character sheet with my brain trying to process what to do.

I love the open story telling of the game, things change rapidly. It’s like an interactive choose your own adventure book that you get to act out. However, the math and figuring out what to add or roll still confuses me on a fairly regular basis.

However, at Fandom Fest several months ago, I was introduced to a new system of gaming called Savage Worlds that I adore. The system is a lot less complicated and more (in my opinion) a lot more user friendly. The system is very different from DnD but it runs smoothly.

Instead of adding numbers together plus the dice you roll, you roll a certain type of dice for each skill. You roll a wild die (a d6) with everything but damage and take the higher of the two. If you roll the highest number possible on your dice, then you roll it again and add the totals together.

It’s a fairly simple once you get your mind around it. They also have a great selection of adventures already pre-made that you can pick up and use, and that is fantastic. Not to mention that the people behind it are really friendly and awesome.

The only campaign I have used so far from Savage World is The Wild Hunt, which is a very short adventure. I loved running it, and the group I ran it for, loved it too. It’s a lightly scary game about a group on a bus that gets stranded in a town that isn’t what it seems after the sun goes down. Can your characters survive the night?

Over all I have to say that if you are interested in starting, continuing, or expanding on a love of tabletop gaming definitely check out Savage Worlds as a very real, very viable option!


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  1. Laura Said:

    That sounds fun! But I don’t need something else to distract me right now, lol…

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