Making your own way

Writing for fun is one thing. This is the writing you keep locked away in a drawer (or a hidden file on your hard drive) and never show anyone. You write because it’s fun, you don’t intend to show anyone. I think this is where most writers start.

(At least, I hope so, because if you don’t really love writing then what are you doing keeping at it? You are not going to make millions. )

But one day, you decide to share your writing. How in the world do you begin? Where do you start?

Well, there isn’t an easy answer or an answer that will fit everyone. What works for me might not work for you and what works for you might not work for me. But, I think that is one of the amazing things about writing. You create your own way to success. You define what success is for you.

For example, I first considered myself a real ‘writer’ when I received my very first rejection letter. Most people don’t work like that. But that’s the amazing thing about writing. You make a lot of the rules.

I think the best way to start is with a smaller local area. If you’re in a college check out any local magazines that might be available and submit to them. If there’s not a local area then look online, find magazines that you like and submit to them.

Another fun thing to do is to look up some of favorite authors and look at their publication credits. Where were they first published? Try there.

At first I would suggest avoiding places where you have to pay a submission fee (I generally avoid those period….) until you are more confident in your work. Don’t be afraid of hearing no. No means you’re trying and putting your name out there.

Now, other options include talking to the people around you. Mention that you’re a writer. It’s incredible who knows who and you can find some great information that way.

Join up a writing review group, or start one!

Meet up other writers and keep in touch. If something opens up, they may very well let you know about it.


The main thing is to keep at it, and do it your way.


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