How to Submit Your Work

Submitting work is usually a fairly simple process but I know when I first started sending out my work it was a bit overwhelming.

I mainly use Duotrope to find places to submit my work and they are awesome enough to usually give you a general idea of what the submission requirements are. Some places only want the work itself, and your name. Other places want a letter about the work, a bio, a photo and the work. Some only take electronic submissions, and some only specifically formatted mailed in forms. Some even have different requirements.

When you are submitting something, first thing’s first, make sure your work is a fit for the place you’re sending it to. If you have a gory vampire story then you probably shouldn’t be sending it to a children’s magazine.

Secondly, carefully read over any and all submission requirements. Some places will want your name on every page. Some only want it on a cover page. Some want page numbers, some don’t. And so on and so forth to infinity. Each place has its own little twist and unique requirements. There’s not one way that’s better than the others but don’t just assume you can use the exact same format for every single place you send it to.

Make sure that simultaneous submissions are okay if you are submitting the same thing to more than one place.

Now, double, triple check everything and then send it on its way. Keep track of where you have sent what! Duotrope has a wonderful feature that will do this for you. It’s great to know when you sent something, and how long of a response time you should anticipate.

Okay, this really wasn’t suppose to turn into an advertisement for Duotrope…. but what can I say? They do their job exceedingly well and I know I would have floundered and struggled a lot more with submitting without them.


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