American Horror Story Review Take 2

Okay, I had a seperate post all planned out but after watching the second episode I just couldn’t resist putting up a part 2 review.

Okay, all in all I would say this episode did make more sense. It was less jerky, more coherent story and there were a few parts that genuinely were scary and/or original. However, I still think it’s not all it’s pegged up to be. So… here are some highlights!

The episode starts with a group of 60s ‘bimbos’ heading out, but in a SHOCKING (sarcasm) twist of events, it’s not these girls that get knifed, it’s the sweet innocent virgin who stays home. She is forced to strip into a nurse’s outfit and then tied up. The man attacking her tells her Jesus won’t save you. She begins to pray and the man disappears. She breathes a sigh of relief and the knife plunges into her back again and again.

Ben meets with Tate again, but Tate just talks about boning Violet. Ben gets a call from his mistress in Boston who is pregnant. He goes to Boston to sit with her while she gets an abortion. (SHE IS CRAZY MOOD SWING GIRL!) She goes from being totally cool to bursting into poorly acted tears when Ben looks at his phone.

Violet talks to the girl who harassed her and was then attacked in the basement at a skate park about the thing that attacked her. Her hair is turning white from ‘fear’ because that’s what the internet tells her. She is now smoking and believes that the devil is what attacked her. Hardcore religious overtones already!

It’s now night time and the security alarm is going on. The front door is open so he makes a sweep of the house and eventually finds Addy playing in the basement.  She gets upset when he calls Addy freaky, and starts freaking out cause she hasn’t puked yet during her pregnancy (how much time has passed?) He claims this baby is their salvation (RELIGIOUS OVERTONE ANYONE GETTING IT?)

New patient who dreams of being trapped in an elevator and getting chopped in half. She informs him that they’re on the murder house tour and she is more interested in the murder than her dream. He says she feels separated and emotional stunted. Her name is Bianca. She’s also, yet another, unlikeable character. She continues wandering about, creeping. It turns out however, that she is a part of a trio out to recreate the murders from the beginning of the episode!  The trio arrives and attacks Violet and Viv. However, with some luck (and Tate, and a basement monster and a poisoned cupcake and an ax) they survive the ordeal.

(And just as an fyi I take it as a very bad sign that I have a hard time to remember their names. I keep wanted to call Ben Mark and Viv Kate… bad signs)

Violet is the typical angsty teen and knows everything. She’s nasty, spiteful and frankly I don’t much care about her as a character period. I was hoping the murder plot would pan out. BAD SIGN. Okay, I don’t like to throw this term around but Violet is really a bitch. Knowing all her mother has been through and still saying all this crap. ‘I think you’re weak.’ Wow. Seriously Violet.

Okay, the one thing that really I thought was original and very, very interesting was how Constance punished Addy for being bad (when she actually legitimately was trying to get her mother to help Violet and Viv as they were being attacked by the murder trio). She looks Addy in a closet filled with mirrors and makes Addy look at herself. Her screams echo down the hall as her mother returns to her bedroom where a pretty boy waits for her. Superb acting here.

At the end of the episode, Moira, Constance and Tate are looking over the  bodies of two of the three from the murder trio (the third escaped the house but died from being axed in half by Tate) and discuss how to get rid of the bodies. This was actually pretty funny. ‘I’ll get the shovel.’ I’ll get the bleach.’

And someone finally gets some sense and Viv decides to sell the house. Yay! But you know it’s not going to work out or else no more show, right?

I do think this was a vast improvement over the pilot episode which was more blurring, jumping images and confusion. This one had a clear, cohesive story arc. But, the biggest problem I am now having with the show is that I don’t care about these characters. At least not the main family. Violet is an overdone teen angst caricature. Ben is trying to do the right things but goes about in such wrong ways that I just can’t warm up to the guy. Viv is growing on me, but I think she still lacks a lot of strength and personality.

I think the ending clearly means that Tate, Moira and Constance are all either ghosts of the house, tied to the house, or a secret murder team. I am curious and will tune in for next week but come on! Is it so much to ask for you to give me a character that I don’t want to see knifed?

Well, aside from Addy. GO TEAM ADDY!!



  1. Good recap…I can’t wait to watch…but had to warm myself with your spoilers. I am enjoying it so far…what faults there may be with the show I still like the darkness…

    • I like it too!! And it’s driving me crazy because it has so much potential to be so amazing! I didn’t put in everything about the episode so you should still have some surprises. Let me know what you think when you get a chance!

  2. Hi Judy. I’m here from the Pay It Forward blogfest and I just wanted to say thanks so much for signing up!

    Is there any way to follow your blog other than subscribing by email?

    • Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! Sadly, right now e-mail subscription is all I have! 😦

  3. Draven Ames Said:

    I liked the show a bit, but it was a little too crazy at times. What’s up with the old lady, sexy lady thing? It’s just bizarre. If they play that off as a part of the guys psychosis, I’ll be done with the show. Still, it had enough to make us tune in again, so they did their job. Kind of a Twin Peaks feel to it.


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