Review: The Sticks by Andy Deane

So, Halloween is Monday so here’s a great fun, scary book from an amazing author who shares me name! The Andy/is will TAKE OVER THE WORLD! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Summary from Amazon: Something evil is stirring in the sticks outside the small town of Jefferson, Virginia… And Brian was already having one hell of a night. After a disastrous outing at a party full of snobs on the rich side of town, his girlfriend Alicia dumps him then promptly vanishes under suspicious circumstances. Searching for her in the dark of night while working his way through a backwoods maze and the outlandish characters that inhabit it, Brian instead finds an enigmatic dark-haired beauty named Jessica and a monster he hadn’t believed existed outside his beloved horror films. But before the night is through, everyone and everything Brian cares about will be threatened by a creature that is all too real, a bloodthirsty beast lurking in the woods of Jefferson. Fighting for his life, Brian tries to uncover the truth about the evil stalking him and the mystery surrounding Alicia’s disappearance, but time is running out. Welcome to a night in THE STICKS.
The Sticks is a funny, quirky werewolf that doesn’t shy away from the blood and guts associated with a wild animal attack. This book is not for those easily grossed out. The main character, Brian, is distinct and has a great personality that is very easy to relate to. He’s a hard knocks, no nonsense or fluff kind of guy. He likes horror movies, drinking, sex and girls. He’s a tough guy who thinks quick on his feet and who you’d want on your side in a horror movie.
The female lead I felt was a little too perfect. I wanted her to be more flawed like Brian, but since the book is from a first person perspective we do not get as much development or insight into her character.
The story is exactly what you expect. Deane doesn’t reinvent the werewolf story but it’s still a very enjoyable, quick and scary read. Parts will make you laugh, parts will make you cringe but all of it will keep you turning the page, waiting to see how it will all play out in the end.
You can buy The Sticks here
And you can check out the band Andy Deane sings for here.
Here’s a video from Bella Morte to get you in the Halloween spirit!

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