Finding Writing Gigs

Yep I used the word ‘gig’ and it’s awesome. Today I want to go over a few different ways to find a ‘writing gig’ and by that I mean a writing opportunity that does offer payment. NOTE: These are all way simplified explanations. Making any money off of your writing can be incredibly challenging. One of these is an example of what NOT to do, see if you can pick it out!

You can write a novel and then seek out a publisher and/or agent and/or self-publish your novel and profit that way.

Utilize sites like and to find publishers that pay or to find calls for anthologies.

Wait for the magical writing fairy to drop a pot of money at your feet.

Get involved in your chosen genre(s), join groups like Horror Writer’s Association, Romance Writers Association, etc. These groups can offer some calls for works of writing that may not be available to the public.

Network with other writers. Go to conventions, readings, signings, etc. and meet people. Keep in touch, share your work, help out where you can. Make friends! A friend of a friend could be your next big break!

What are some other ways you’ve discovered a writing opportunity?


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  1. Laura Said:

    Mostly I don’t make money with fiction or poetry or *creative* writing. I think I’ve made maybe $200-ish on publishing poetry or winning contests — less if you subtract the entry fees. Granted, I don’t pursue those opportunities as actively as I could. Nonfiction articles have earned me more money in the long run, although again, I’m more writing them as a side job.

    As a music person, I like that you used “gigs.”

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