Make Time, Don’t Find It

Today I had an interesting discussion with a classmate about a new project I’m really excited about, I jokingly told them, “Now, I just have to rearrange everything and make enough wiggle room to fit it in my schedule.”

My classmate laughed and assured me, “Oh, you’ll find the time.”

Now, I know it wasn’t the intention but I find using the phrase ‘finding time’ aggravating. It always makes me think that time is like my lost socks. One day it will just appear like magic! Only, time doesn’t work like that. The day is never going to magically have 26 hours just for you, there are always the same 24 hours in the day and how you spend those hours is where you can make time, not find it.

Now, there have been a lot of posts done about avoiding distractions, finding ways to focus, etc. But I’ve found that the truth of the matter is, if you don’t want to make time for something, then you never will. You can say ‘I want to write a novel.’ every day and bemoan the fact that there isn’t enough time, but moaning and griping won’t give you more time.

To make time for a new project you have to take time from something else. There is only a set number of hours to work with in a day and what you chose to do shows what is truly important. For example, I want to write more personal projects so next semester I am taking fewer classes. I’ve dropped class load/study,reading time to make room for writing time. Other options that I’ve seen people do is give up sleep (BAD IDEA), internet, TV, or going out with friends.

Think you have no time to be made? Here’s a suggestion to see where your time is going. Track what you are doing for a week, and find a physical representation of it. You work 40 hours a week? Put 40 paperclips in a jar, you spend five hours a week knitting? Put five needles into the jar, etc. See what most fills up the jar and what wiggle room you have!



  1. Tommy Hancock Said:

    OOO! Do I know what this new project is??:)

  2. Derrick Said:

    Excellent! Like you, I despise the phrase “finding time”. People are always asking me; “Where do you find the time to write?” and it always sends me blood pressure skyrocketing. You make the time to do what’s important to you, simple as that. Writing is important to me so I set time aside for it.

    • I’m so glad I am not the only one with has issue with ‘finding’ time! You are exactly right: You make the time to do what’s important to you.

  3. Joel Gates Said:

    Love the article. It’s always a juggle for creatives. I always have trouble fitting my day job, my creative pursuits, my family and some fitness all in a day. It’s a constant juggling act, but all I can do is keep juggling. That magic day where all the “found time” appears…you are so right…that just doesn’t happen

  4. Laura W. Said:

    I usually take time away from sleep…bad idea, I know, but half the time I can’t sleep through a night anyway. Insomnia. May as well use it to my advantage, right?

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