Writing Resolutions for 2012

So rather then listing my own resolutions (Mine are a secret! Sh…) so I thought I’d share a few ideas for resolutions for mainly writers.

1) Set a word goal per week. Do something manageable, don’t expect to move from writing nothing a week to writing 5000 words a week.

2) Give yourself a concrete goal. ‘Write more.’ is a great goal but what does it really mean? Set an actual goal and hold yourself accountable.

3) Start keeping a writing log. If you already have a calendar then just add something in at the bottom or top of each day that keeps track of how many words you’ve written each day.

4) Join a writing group. Especially if you’ve never been a part of one before. Or at least try to find someone you feel comfortable sharing your work with, it’s nice to have a soundboard to test your ideas on.

5) Read. Read books about writing, read books about things you like, things you hate. The main thing is to read.

And those are some of my suggestions for Resolutions for Writers. What are some of your resolutions?



  1. Jessica Said:

    Great list. I tend to say I’ll write more every year, but since that isn’t measurable then I don’t keep it up. This year I’m going to use 750words.com. I’ve been using it, just not faithfully. Happy 2012!

  2. Laura Said:

    Setting word goals kills me. I don’t know; my brain just doesn’t want to do that. It starts to feel like I’m writing a paper. Rather, I resolve to open my laptop and open the file and do something to it every day. Usually this means I get more done than I would if I set myself a rigid wc goal.

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