Networking for Readers

Now I’ve done posts in the past about networking for writers and how it is a great way to get to know other writers, and an amazing way to find writing work. BUT, I haven’t talked about how networking can be used for readers too.

Readers (and I count myself as a reader and a writer) are also very involved online. There are some amazing communities of readers out there that share what they’re reading and make suggestions to one another. I’m going to share a few of the places that I use and then I welcome you to share some with me.

1. Goodreads

What a great site! This site allows readers and authors to interact with one another with ease. You can get recommendations, create shelves of books, maintain contact with authors you like and even enter into tons of great contests!

2. Friday Reads

Friday Reads is a weekly sharing of what thousands and thousands of people are reading. You can respond on twitter and facebook and it’s really amazing to simply scroll through all of the books being read and engage in a conversation with a total stranger about a book. I know I’ve done that more than a few times!

3. Book Club Meetup

Maybe internet discussions aren’t your thing. That’s fine! But how in the world do you find out about book clubs? Well, Book CLub Meetup allows you to pop in a zip code and bam they’ll give you the provided information about local book clubs.

Now, those are my favorite three ways to connect with other readers and compare notes. What are yours?



  1. Laura Said:

    LOVE Goodreads! It’s so addicting!

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