Review: Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande

I mentioned this book in my blog post earlier this week and have now officially finished it. I’m very excited to review it because this is one of the first books that’s not about the actual craft involved in writing as it is about the writer’s life and what it takes. It’s a kick in the pants and a reminder of just how lazy I have been getting lately.

While this book is a bit outdated (it mentions typewriters as the primary means of writing), it still contains a lot of relevant and useful information about writing and how to work towards a writing lifestyle. Like I mentioned in the earlier post, she advises you get up earlier to write and set a schedule. She also has a lot of great advice about finding inspiration that was really very eye opening for me.

I would suggest checking this book at a local library first and seeing if it’s your style. She’s a little cut and dry about how things need to be, but she does make a lot of valid points. For me, I went ahead and bought my self a copy because I think this is going to be a book I’m going to read back over again and again.

You can buy a copy here.


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