Preparing for a convention…

Preparing for a convention always feels a little bit like getting ready to go to war. But then panic starts to set in and I begin to doubt that I ever knew how to pack at all. How do you decide what to bring? What suitcase? What am I even doing?

First there’s the packing and I have a terrible case of ‘What will I wear?’ that I go through for weeks before the convention. I will pack and re-pack my clothing three or four times and ultimately bring too many things.

Then I will bring all of these books I’m sure I’ll have time to read. Haha.

I’ll bring homework, or papers, or any other item that I’ve ‘been meaning to get to’ and then just let it sit and take up space all weekend.

I bring food that I then rarely touch for the entire convention.

And that’s just the beginning.

So, to help myself, and maybe help some of you out there with the same problem, I’m going to make a quick list of how to pack for a convention and then try really hard to take my own advice.

1. Don’t pack more outfits than you need.

You really should be fine with the minimum. Most conventions are a weekend long. That’s three days and two night, maybe four days and three nights if you arrive early. There is really no reason to bring enough clothes for a week. Keep it to basics: jeans/skirt/shorts and tops that go with everything. Bam done.

2. Bring copies of hotel/travel confirmations.

At one convention I went to, they had lost our reservation. Thankfully I had my confirmation in my hand and because of that I was upgraded to the presidential suite of the hotel. It was amazing.

3. Don’t bring your work with you.

Well, at least don’t bring anything extra. Now is not the time to start on reading that new book or to really get some homework done. If something absolutely has to be done that weekend than bring it, but don’t set high expectations.

4. Bring business cards and a good attitude.

If you are coming to a convention to go to panels and to learn, then treat it that way. Bring a business card, talk to the guests, walk around and make friends. Don’t be too shy to approach someone and try to make a contact. Most people at conventions really love meeting new people and won’t bite… unless you ask nicely.

5. Bring anything you need to take care of yourself.

Conventions are not the place to skip out on any meds you’re taking or to not bother bringing soap or toothpaste. Bring everything you need to keep yourself happy and healthy!

Alright, so let’s see how well I follow my own advice while I get ready for FandomFest! Anyone going? You can look at my schedule for the convention too!

Also, today is one of my very good buddies birthday! Go check out her blog and wish her a happy birthday!


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