Making Connections at Conventions

Tips for Making Connections:


So I’m currently at the fantastic FandomFest and I love it! Conventions are some of the best places to meet people, and if you write then they are an awesome place to meet fellow writers, make friends with editors and butter-up some publishers. A lot of people are really intimidated by the meeting of new people and don’t know how to approach it. It’s especially daunting if you’ve never done it before.


Now, remember trying to make a connection is very different than trying to pick up someone at a bar, or meeting someone in a class. This is especially the case if this is going to be something more professional than friendship. So here, are a few words of wisdom:

  •  Take yourself seriously.

Don’t go in thinking you’re a terrible writer with no talent who doesn’t have anything worth sharing. That is no way to treat yourself or to make friends in this industry. Grow a backbone and an ego ASAP.


  • Get business cards.

This is not a crucial step but it really does help with keeping in touch with people. It’s much easier to remember someone if you have a piece of paper with their name on it. It also is great as a way to keep in touch with people after the convention, include at least your e-mail.


  • Treat people with respect.

Be nice to everyone. Even the people you’re in line with. Seriously, don’t get in a fight with someone about whether or not it’s MANga or MONga. It’s not worth it and you will just look like an idiot.


  • Don’t approach with your hands out.

Do not go in thinking (or saying!) ‘Help me! Give me stuff!’ go on looking for a mutually beneficial relationship.  You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.’


  • Have fun!

Easy enough.


Now this is not a comprehensive end-all, be-all list. I have broken several of these and still don’t have a huge list of enemies. The main things you cannot compromise on are treating people with respect and having fun.Try to do those two things and you will have a much higher chance of making, and keep contacts you’ve made.



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  1. Reanna Said:

    Excellent points!

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