The Rage

So, I’ve been working on deciding on a thesis for my master’s degree and I’ve been talking to several different people about what I’m thinking about doing. My main idea is to look at the rhetoric of horror in video games. It seems like a very interesting concept to me, and I enjoy scary games so what a great way to combine things I enjoy into a school project, right?

Well, I was sharing this idea with a classmate of mine when someone I don’t know, cut me off and said, “Horror’s just stupid. It’s low brow blood and guts crap. I don’t understand why anyone, let alone someone pursuing a Master’s degree, would waste their time on it.’


Now, I understand that a lot of people find horror a waste of time, a low, base, stupid thing. Fine, that’s their business, but when you start openly insulting something and essentially calling me stupid for enjoying something…that’s a problem.

Now, no, I didn’t assault or hurt this person. I didn’t even verbally attack this person. See I have this unfortunate response that I usually get stunned into silence when someone says something like that. So I simply walked away, shocked and annoyed.

In fact, I’m still a little speechless. Still formulating a more eloquent response than a series of obscenities.

Thoughts, opinions, rage?



  1. Dan Jolley Said:

    I have the exact same deer-in-the-headlights reaction to things like that. I wonder if it’s a writer thing?

    • Andi Judy Said:

      Maybe. It’s takes me time to process things… I don’t usually respond quickly.

  2. Jeroen Steenbeeke Said:

    Definitely rage.

    While *some* horror movies are definitely “low brow blood and guts crap”, the same can be said for any genre (minus the blood and guts though).

    That’s like calling the whole Science Fiction genre bad because you hated Battlefield Earth.

    • Andi Judy Said:

      Yeah, I never understood basing a whole genre because you don’t like it or because one bad thing exists…UGH

  3. Robby Said:

    More shocking to me is that someone in real life has the kind of reaction that this person had. It seems more like some trie caricature out of a bad…, well a bad horror flick!

    • Andi Judy Said:

      Haha I know! For a second I was waiting for the ‘Just kidding!’ or ‘You’ve been punked!’ or something like that…

  4. Reanna Said:

    Could be that they thought your thesis idea was superior to theirs, and their immature response was an attempt to keep you from greatness. : )

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