Make your own style

There are a lot of books, blogs, tumblrs, tweets, etc that will tell you all about how to write, what to do, how to write dialogue and so on and so forth. Advice is everywhere and it is so easy to get caught up in thinking that you should only be writing in certain genre, or in one certain way. There are rules and guidelines that cannot be ignored and you must follow the law of the write club.

First rule of write club: Never stop talking about write club.

The only problem is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing…except for one: to be a writer you have to write. Everything else is a matter of style and personal preference. Sme people can only get work done in a busy coffee shop, other people can only write in the dead of night when they are alone in their bedroom. Some write by hand, others write by iPad, or laptop. Some create detailed outlines and others throw plot to the wind. Some worship the muse, others believe in hard schedules. The point is that how you get the words on the page doesn’t matter in the slightest.
No one gives a damn if you wrote your novel by hand in your parent’s attic or if you wrote on the next generation of laptop. What matters are the words you are creating, the work and the effort you are putting into your craft, are putting into you.
Deciding how you write is a bit of an investment into yourself. You are taking time from some other venture to devote yourself to writing. Th fact that you are doing that, are making that sacrifice is what matters. There is no one size fits all for writing or how to write. There are suggestions that might work for you but if they don’t, then dump them to the side and move on. There’s no reason to cling to some idea that doesn’t work for you and your schedule.

For the longest time I tried to get up at 6AM like Ernest Hemmingway and write. I tried and cranked out a lot of crap that way. But it didn’t work for me, I couldn’t get my brain together enough to form a damn coherent thought. I work much better in the evenings or middle of the day.

So, make your own way to write, forge the path, take cues from other writers, but ultimately it’s your journey so do what works for you.


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