What a good business card needs…


Unfortunately, lasers are not in every budget for every person. So, what else does a good business card need?

Thankfully it’s pretty simple to put together a good, basic business card. The things you need to remember to include are:

  1. Your name/Company Name
  2. Contact Information
  3. What you do

That’s it really. Those are the things your card needs to have, end of story. If I don’t know who are, how to get in touch with you, or what you do, then what was the point of giving a card?

Now, after the basics of information you get into bigger details like… print at home or print professionally. That depends on how seriously you want to be taken. I’ve been printing mine at home but I’m just now upgrading to professionally printed through vistaprint because I am taking myself  more seriously as a writer and editor now.

Now, you want your card to stand out and be more than just black text on a white background. You want something that people are going to like, and remember. You want it to be colorful, but still be legible. It can’t be too busy or else people will struggle to read it. There’s thin line between busy and eye-catching. My suggestion would be no more than 3 colors grand total on your card.

Size? Well, there’s a reason that most business cards all come in the standard 3.5 x 2. It works. It’s small, fits in pockets, wallets, business card holders, etc. Going smaller and you risk losing valuable space, bigger and it’s likely your card will be tossed because it doesn’t fit where it’s suppose to go. I suggest keeping it traditional sizewise.

Now some things you don’t need to feel obligated to include (depending on your business. I’m looking at this from a writer perspective): your phone number. An e-mail address will suffice in most situations.  You also do not need HAVE to include how to find you on Facebook or Twitter, though I think that information can’t hurt and is incredibly valuable and mandatory to include, however I understand that some people are uncomfortable sharing that information. Do not include anything you would not be comfortable giving to a stranger, and that will vary from person to person. At minimum though, do include your e-mail address.

And as a final word…feel free to throw my advice to the wind and do your own thing. There are some amazingly creative and fun
business cards out there that break every rule I’ve just laid out, so don’t be afraid to play it a little wild.


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  1. Laura W. Said:

    My string trio almost ordered business cards, when we were still in high school. Then came college. 😦 But I’ve often wondered if I shouldn’t print out some for myself as a cellist. Good tips.

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