An awesome cause to help!

Today I want to take the chance to share an amazing project that one of my friends is working on. Hopefully, you will remember him from the interview he was kind enough to give me not too long ago. D.A. Adams is an amazing friend, writer and person, and I felt like this was more than worthy cause and wanted to share it.

He is looking to build a second hydroponic grow unit and to help bring organic farming to Tennessee. He describes, “Organic farming has been slow to come to Tennessee, while traditional farming has been in decline for decades. We want to restore the local agricultural base to this area by creating a blueprint for other farmers to follow and stimulate awareness in the areas of sustainability, environmental conservation, and energy efficiency. Currently, there is a growing demand for fresh organic produce in this area but not enough local farms to supply this demand. We also want to provide agricultural jobs that pay a living wage to our employees and offer opportunities for them to live well.

Our goal is make A&M Organics a 100% self-sufficient farm.  In the future, we will add solar panels and wind generators to create our own energy, and we will access our natural spring for our water needs.  We intend to build a sustainable organic farm that positively impacts this region.”

Now, what really makes this great for up and coming writers in particular is that D.A. Adams is offering a total critique of up to 30,000 words of fiction. Adams is an amazing writer and the chance to have him look over your work is an amazing opportunity.

But more than that it’s an amazing chance to help out a great guy do some great work.

Please go check it out, donate what you can, and share! Let’s make this happen?

Go check out more about this project and donate here!



  1. D. A. Adams Said:

    Thank you, Andi 🙂

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